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Rules about my characters:
-Fan fiction about my personal series: never
-Fan characters about my personal series: never
-Fan art: I'm thinking about it (for now, only if I ask)
- (I might ask for help about character designs)
- Using my art without permission: Never
This prohibition is only to prevent giving spoilers/ruining the plot/creating fandom rumours. Okay?

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Feel free to visit my gallery :wave: and welcome to my world :gallery:

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Every artwork I find and I like ;)


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Linearts (1 or 2 character)
Lineart pictures with maximum 2 characters
Linearts (3 characters)
Linearts with a total amount of 3 characters
Linearts (4 characters)
Linears with a maximum of 4 characters
Chibi full coloured picture (1 or 2 chrs)
1 or 2 characters (chibi size)
Chibi (3 chrs)
3 characters in chibi size
Chibi (4 chrs)
4 characters in chibi size
Chibi (5 chrs)
5 characters in chibi size
Normal (1 or 2 chrs)
A maximum of 2 characters in normal size/proportions
Normal (3 chrs)
3 characters in normal size/proportions
Normal (4 chrs)
4  characters in normal size/proportions
(and for rules about what to ask and what NOT to ask, go to donations poll, this stand for every types of commissions and there's also a few extra things you can buy aside from this list ;))


BlueGoldWarrior12 has started a donation pool!
3,511 / 5,000
It's open now again :la:


Every point you give is really appreciated :hug:

I mainly want to buy some artwork. Could you help me giving some points? If you do, you can ask for a comission . I really need points :noes:

100 :points: = 1usd

Linearts (both chibi and regular):
100 points a free lineart (1 or 2 chars)
200 points: a free lineart (3 chars)
300 points: a free lineart (4 chars)
*linearts have no background*

Chibi body size char full pic:
400 points: chibi digital pic (1 or 2 chars)
500 points: chibi digital pic (3 chars)
600 points: chibi digital (4 chars)
700 points: chibi digital (max 5 chars)

Regular body size char full pic:
800 points: a free digital (1 or 2 chars)
900 points: a free digital (3 chars)
1000 points: a free digital (4 chars)
*prices include the full pack *characters full coloures + bg* for both chibi and regular ;)*

300 points: Outfit design
600 points: Full character design

60 points: Royal Precure power up (PROMOTION: if you buy this power up for the first time, you get one more Royal FOR FREE :D)

Trading card commissions:
Chibi: 450 points
Regular size character: 650 points (they're drawn waist-up ;))

I won't draw yuri, yaoi, hentai, ecchi or mechas and mature stuff nor something that ideologically forces me

I can reject a commission of it's kinda hard to draw for me

I won't draw some pairings I don't like (for example, Vocaloid pairings)

According to my drawing skills, on group pics, I only can include a maximum of 5 regular body sized characters (I tried to include 6 or even more, but it's still hard for me ^^;)

OC and canon is always allowed

I only draw people ^^; (and yes, gijinkas is always allowed :))

If you want me to draw an OC that's not yours, make sure you have the other person's permission, always

I need more practice at drawing +20 year olds TT_T

No tight outfits please, it's not that I don't want to draw them, but I use to commit a lot of anatomic mistakes TT_TT

Feel free to buy them. See ya :wave:

And please, let me know what can I draw for you via note or comment :aww: . If you don't I'll take it as a donation

Linearts: Max 2 per person at once
Chibis and regular full coloured: only one at once per person

It can take some time depends of how busy I am on real-life (like everyone, I have a life outside the PC)

General commission status: closed until next advertisement

And another thing: Don't ever ask me for points, point beggers are really annoying :P

You must be logged in to donate.
Like if there's no tomorrow :'v

Yeah, brainstorming (I'm on vacation anyways XD). I'm bringing old OCs back :) (and I haven't touched some of them since 2007-2008)
Now that I have some basic regional (clothing features representing Realm of Wind, Realm of Earth, Realm of Fire and Realm of Water) details already defined I got to slightly redesign a few 

I've already finished:
:star::star::star: -Kaori (the otaku/gamer thief, made her Realm of Fire) :bulletblue:
:star::star::star: -Carla (keeps her Realm of Fire/Realm of Wind mixed style) :bulletblue:
:star::star::star: -Dolores (modified bracers and boots to make her more Realm of Earth, still keeping a few Realm of Fire details) :bulletblue:
:star::star::star: -Estrella (modified her leather bodyguard and boots to make her completely Realm of Water) :bulletblue:
:star::star::star: -Janet (adding all of the Realm of Earth features, gonna change hair colour) :bulletblue:
:star::star::star: -Jasmine (adding all of the Realm of Earth features, gonna change hair colour) :bulletblue:
:star::star::star: -Olivia (gonna re-do most of her design, just keeping the colour scheme, gave her her 2003 hairstyle back and a new hat)
:star::star::star: -Alicia (gonna re-do most of her design, specifically warrior form) :bulletblue:
:star::star::star: -Thelma (complete redesign, gonna add all of the Realm of Wind features *puffy short sleeves and plain edges*) :bulletblue:
:star::star::star: -Gwendolyn (slight redesign, keeping Realm of Earth/Realm of Wind hybrid style) :bulletblue:
:star::star::star: - Tonia (changed her species, she was originally a robot, but now made her a reptilian :))
:star::star::star: -Just a nameless wind girl I designed days ago

Void girls in plans:
:star::star: -Selena (the void caster who likes photography)
:star::star: -Paige (void girl who likes gardening and her class is fencer)
:star::star: -Lucy (warrior form for first time and re-doing civilian form as well, void)
:star::star::star: -Debbie
:star::star: -Dafne
-Katie (changed her species, I'll make her a kemonomimi, she was originally human, and then, elf)
:star: -Johanna
-Jolene (or just Jolly)
-Irene and Ingrid

Elemental girls I'll eventually draw:
:star::star:-Big Flo (Is a Realm of Wind warrior, wears Realm of Earth boots)
:star::star:-Angela (full body)
:star::star:-Iris (Warrior form redesign)
-Sora (warrior form redesign)
-Holly (warrior form)
-Darya (warrior form)
-Regina (warrior form)
-Sally (warrior form)
:star: -Ophelia (major warrior form redesign)
:star::star: -Sabrina (most warrior form redesign)
-Colette (new OC, for the Starry Sky Realm)
-??? (nameless Starry Sky Realm girl)
-Tiffany (Warrior form redesign to make it more Realm of Water)

SLP (void and elemental) boys I'll eventually draw:
:star::star: -Ludwig (in normal and mutant form)
-Benjamin (in normal and mutant form, in his mutant form has the ability of resisting water pressure even more than mermaids)
-Fredrik (first time I draw him, created him in 2011)
:star::star: -Emile (major warrior form redesign to make it look more Realm of Wind)
-Ross (in warrior form)
:star::star: -Damian (majorly redesigned, almost completely)
-Diego (void warrior, in both civilian and warrior forms)
-Axel and Chris (pixies, they'll look like chibis)
-??? (an elemental nameless boy from Starry Sky Realm)

Miscellaneous I'll eventually draw:
-Carla's three possible designs (Realm of Fire, Realm of Wind and Hybrid trademark style )


:star: sketch
:star::star: lineart
:star::star::star: colouring/finished
:bulletblue: posted

Edit: I have all of the first 12 linearts done

Edit 2:
Defined features for each Realm (and using this as a basis for redesigning)
Realm of Fire: Mid-east style sash (plain ends and tied at the front), can have or not sleeves, bell-shaped short sleeves, boots with folded top (and cut in the middle of the fold), zippered boots with two buttons. Lighter weight classes can or don't have to wear bracers, pentagonal-shaped handguards. Lacking sleeves is allowed
Realm of Wind: Plain edges, puffy short sleeves, pleated skirts for girls, square-shaped hand protection, ribbon-shaped sash with coloured ends. The boots don't require zippers nor buttons (but have buttons just as decoration)
Realm of Earth: Leaf/petal-shaped edges, long fitted sleeves (sometimes with puffy top, these sleeves can work as underbracers, too), long loose sleeve (but not too loose), laced boots, triangle-shaped hand protection. The bracers have decoration representing the lotus, symbol of the Realm. Sash tied at the side, with pointy ends. Plain skirts for girls
Realm of Water: Puffy sleeves similar to Realm of Wind (with buttoned ends and vertical lining), jackets don't have folded collars, bracers cover half of the forearms, round-shaped hand protection. They also wear overboots (or leather greaves). Buttoned shirts for girls can even have the length of a dress. Ribbon-shaped sash tied at the back, with frilled ends
:new: Starry Sky Realm: Has features that reminds of gothic style (for example, waist corsets instead of sashes, buckled boots, buckled jackets. Lots of buckles XD). Other features are, their shirts have folded collars instead of Chinese-style collars. They tend to look heavy
:new: Rising Sun Realm: Features that remind of Japanese traditional clothing (v-collared overshirts that go between the shirts and leather bodyguards, undersash and sash (their sashes are also tied in a similar style Realm of Wind warriors do, but they have plain ends. They don't wear boots, but they wear shinguards, tabi and Japanese-style footwear instead

I'll list the features for boys later :)

Voids have universal style for armors (and the styles of choice are: chainmail, scaled, plated or mixed :) )
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Little Flopi XD
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Users who are okay with me about giving their T&F OCs counterparts on my manga series: dannichangirl , Kimmy-Faith-Raven , Ultramewmewfan , RiverStationStudios , MarzipanHomestar66 , deviantARTfan3 , Shining-Star-Dragons , K-Katswell-56, KD476, TheblueV3, Skrillexia-TF, crumplezonegirl06, colethewerehog, Train48

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-Art trade to StarlightRiu

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Artist views:
Stamp: Just a misused resource by BlueGoldWarrior12Stamp: Character development paradox by BlueGoldWarrior12Stamp: The beauty seen in less details by BlueGoldWarrior12Stamp: Taboo or not taboo? by BlueGoldWarrior12Anti MLPFIM yuri by BlueGoldWarrior12S: I'm a non-shipper stamp by BlueGoldWarrior12derp stamp by foxy311Disliking Yaoi... by WolfieKidHet Stamp by zeniaweird dreams stamp by ShadowPhantomToph-xoI'm NOT short... by VioletShadow6Tumblr Stamp by AviseyaMake Sense by EpicStampsShipper Fail by SilverwingfoxMore than romance - stamp by JessKat-artStamp - Skimpy Outfits by ShuvvaOC Stamp by ChibiGemJust A Name Stamp by Boredom-xDI Love deviantART Stamp by ViciousCherryStamp - Lazy by DragoN-FXOcs specialist by LadyBeelze_Stamp_ Digital Traditional by The-Cactus-Runnermy opinion about yuri and yaoi by ss2shadic

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